History of craps in Casino

History of craps in Casino

Craps has been around for many years, although its first mention dates back to the Middle Ages. Many people say that craps began with the English game of Hazard. Other researchers believe that the game has French roots. It was a popular Crabs street entertainment that required little equipment other than dice and gambling enthusiasts with money in their pockets. In the late 18th century, the game was introduced in New Orleans by Bernard Xavier Philippe, a prominent politician and avid gambler from Louisiana, which attracted attention and a mass of fans.

Passline and dont-passline are two types of bets. Passline is an even money bet. It considers the size of the bet to be equal to the size of the possible winnings. 

A dont-passline bet is one that is often referred to as a wrong money bet because it has the opposite rules to those mentioned above. You need to score at least two, three or twelve points to win. You win by doubling your bet if that amount comes up on the first come out roll. When the dice show any other amount, it becomes a point.

A large cheating field was a problem faced by players at the time. The outcome could be changed by using specially sharpened dice. In 1907, John Wynn proposed an updated form of entertainment, very similar to modern craps, to prevent cheating during a party. The innovation was the introduction of a “Don’t Pass Bet” sector where bets could also be placed.

Casino game rules

History of craps in Casino

At first glance, the game may seem quite complicated. However, you will find that there are not many rules in the fundamentals. A special table with high sides and markings showing the betting cells serves as the playing field. The main element is two dice with dots ranging from one to six on each of the six sides.

The player’s goal is to predict the combination that the dice will form. In land-based casinos, players take turns rolling the dice, but in the online version, a random number generator selects the winning combination. In the beginning, everyone bets on different parts of the gaming table. To do this, left click on the chip you want to bet. Then with the left mouse button you need to select the betting area you want. The type of bet and its size will be shown on the screen. You can use the demo version to practice.

Conclusions: Craps is a game of chance with simple but specific rules that allow you to make profits when betting money. For beginners, it is a great game to play.